Certified Fiber Optic Technician

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3 Days 19 July 2024 Athens



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in the wider sector of telecommunications

SCHOOL OF TELECOMS was created in 2012 as an educational organisation providing technical certifications.Up to this day, 2,500 hours of seminars have been carried out, and the majority of the participants are now working in the technical field.

The credibility of S.O.T is based on its experienced teaching personnel, the quality of the education given  as well as the knowledge level of trainees upon courses completion .

School of Telecoms FOA Approved School # 768The FOA recognizes the value of certification in today’s job markets, where employers evaluate potential employees by their certifications. By offering certifications that are developed by a board of industry experts and are not affiliated with any particular vendor or training organization, FOA provides an independent means to judge the qualification of contractors and employees.

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Featured Seminars

Certified Fiber Optic Technician

CFOT® - Certified Fiber Optic Technician - is the primary FOA certification for all fiber optics applications. CFOTs have appropriate [...]

Instructor: P. Gkoumas

Certified Premises Cabling Technician

Is the FOA certification for designers, installers and operators of premises cabling networks Premises cabling refers to building and campus [...]

Instructor: P Gkoumas

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist FTTH

For those wanting to learn more about specialized fiber optic applications or who wish to develop greater skills in the [...]

Instructor: P. Gkoumas

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Design

Our Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Design program offers comprehensive training in fiber optic network design, planning, and documentation. This certification [...]

Instructor: P. Gkoumas

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Splicing

The program is aimed at experienced fiber optic splicing technicians, focusing on the maintenance and proper operation of splicer machines. [...]

Instructor: P. Gkoumas

Fiber Optic Cabling Technician (Greek Cert)

The educational program "Fiber Optic Cabling Technician" is designed to familiarize anyone starting out with fiber optics with the technology [...]

Instructor: P. Gkoumas

The Instructors

Panagiotis Gkoumas

FOA Certified CFOT, CFOS/H Instructor

Ioanna Lada

Learning and Development Manager

George Moschonas

FOA Certified Specialist


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