George Moschonas

FOA Certified Specialist

Senior Fiber Optic Technician, Certified Fiber Optic Specialist,
FTTH, Aerial field technician .

Mr. Georgios S. Moschonas was born in Athens, Greece, in 1981.

He is a highly experienced, problem-solving and quality-seeking engineer.

His involvement with various vendor equipments gives him the ability to solve complicated problems regarding fiber optics. Since 2003, he is constantly involved in various fiber Optic Installations. He supervised over 200 client interconnections to the Fiber Optic Metropolitan Network of Forthnet S.A.

He is also, contributed in Intracom’s Migration Project for Forthnet’s Microwave Links (from 23mhz to 28mhz) and he was involved in the installation of the Fiber Optic network at several wind parks at: Patra, Kefalonia, Tripoli, Naypakto etc. Various projects at ELVAL, ΕΤΕΜ, CHALKOR, CABLEL.


Mr. Moschonas has received a B.Sc. Degree in Electronics, in 2001 from IEK OAED, Greece.

Work Experience

From 2003 to 2012 he was employed as a Fiber Optic Engineer working in Lamda Technology Ltd. As part of his responsibilities, he installed the cabling for various projects:

  • OTE Satellite center,
  • Olympics Press Accommodation,
  • Democritus University (Security Grid around the Nuclear Reactor),
  • Commercial Bank Of Greece, Tellas (ISP),
  • Telecoms (ISP),
  • Stock Market of Greece,
  • Ericsson (installations around the country),
  • OTE (new Headquarters Data Center),
  • University of Ioannina (Fiber Optic ring network of the campus),
  • HELPE (new Refinery at Eleysina).

From 2012 until present, he works in Combotech as Fiber Optics Team Leader, TAC Field, and Microwave Link Tech.

He is also, the Fiber Optic Lab Instructor in the SCHOOL OF TELECOMS training center (registered FOA training school). He oversees the practical part of the trainings to ensure that technicians know the technology standards and comply with safety procedures.

He is also provides Technical support for Forthnet’s Business and Professional clients.


Mr. Moschonas has numerous certifications:

  • Ericsson’s Fibre Blowing system (Micronet & Ribbonet),
  • CBS’s Tornado and Breeze fiber Blowing systems. Certificated for Intracom’s Unibas,
  • Omnibas System (MW Links),
  • Nexans Lanmark Copper and FTTO Systems,
  • Fiber Optic Specialist in FTTx (CFOS/H) from FOA and
  • Telecommunication Lineman.

Knowledge & Experience:

Mr. Moschonas has excellent knowledge of:

  • Panduit’s Opticam System,
  • Fusion Splicing with Sumitomo Fujikura and Fitel splicers,
  • EXFO and AFL OTDRs,
  • Satellite Internet (Forthnet) and Satellite TV (Nova and Cosmote),
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, AutoCAD 2D

Great experience in:

  • Fiber blowing for Emtelle Duct and
  • Corning’s Unicam Connector System.