Worldwide increasing demand for reliable internet services has led telecommunications to the development of fiber optic networks (F.O.) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) applications. Greece could not but follow these world developments. However, training in fiber optic technology seems to be sidelined and it often takes second place, without pointing out its importance.

From a technical perspective and based on methodology, a trainee acquires specialized knowledge and develops technical skills. It is though very important, not to omit proper fiber optic training  before the production process, but also to help in the concept of professionalism and in the application of the fiber optic technologies.

ERGATIKAT S.A. company, which is active in the field of telecommunications, maintaining existing broadband networks and building new F.O. networks, is a recent typical example of utilizing professional training.

First training took place at the premises of ERGATIKAT A.E. in Athens with the C.F.O.T. Certified Fiber Optic Technician training, which was completed with great success. Then was supplemented with the FTTH training provided by the global fiber optic organization F.O.A. (Fiber Optic Association), in order for the engineers and associates of ERGATIKAT S.A to be certified as Certified Fiber Optic Specialists.

A following training also took place at the premises of ERGATIKAT S.A. in Larissa, where it is based  and maintains its greatest force in technical support services.

The C.F.O.T. training was received by engineers, supervisors  and associates of ERGATIKAT A.E., with nationwide attendance . Participants were trained in standard techniques such as stripping different types of optical cables and measuring optical loss, optical power, and fault locators.

The series of seminars was completed with the successful conduct of examinations for the CFOS / H certification, which concerns the architecture and implementation of passive optical networks (P.O.N.).

Among the participants in Athens, the training was also attended by the engineer and project manager for issues related to FTTH applications, Basilia – Lidia Tambouratzi, who commented the following, answering the questions:

  1. To what extent did the training program met your expectations?

It gives us great joy and satisfaction that this seminar  we chose as an organization, met the maximum of our expectations, constantly keeping the interest of the participants, and clarifying in the best way, every question at every stage of the process.

  1. How useful do you think the program will be in your field?

On a personal level, it is really very important that I participated in the mentioned above seminar, which added all the theoretical background  to the FTTH projects I supervise, completing all the knowledge that was already gained from practical experience . At a team level, and discussing with all the collaborators and colleagues who attended it, has to be mentioned that the structure, the flow, the certification but especially the people who devoted their time to our training, were solid.

  1. How much did it help you in practical matters related to your work?

As it is already mentioned in the article, the theory behind the practice is very important, especially in a project with special and new technological requirements. Therefore, the training we attended has and will certainly contribute a key role in the development of the current and all the future FO- related projects.

  1. To your opinion, is it beneficial for the company ERGATIKAT S.A. to continue investing in similar training in the future?

The overall feedback from the participants was very positive, projecting a sense of trust from our company to your organization and FOA. Knowing from personal experience, the importance and how helpful it is to attend relevant training seminars, even if they seem pressing in terms of time needed be devoted plus sacrificing professional time, we now consider certain the benefit of similar trainings.

The images are from the inhouse training at the facilities of ERGATIKAT SA held in July 2020.