As AEGEAN MOTORWAY  S.A keeps their technical personnel educated and trained, a fiber optic technology seminar was held by SCHOOL OF TELECOMS, in July 2021. AEGEAN MOTORWAY S.A manages the PATHE Motorway section from Raches, Fthiotida Prefecture (Km 242+079) to Key, Imathia (Km 471 +470), a total of 229,40 km also the section of the Old National Road from Evangelismos I/C to Leptokarya I/C, a total 34,30 km. Throughout the Motorway, a fiber optic center network is being developed in order to connect the remote automation stations with the control center as well to ensure the smooth operation of its systems (remote control cameras, fire detection, signs, overhead detectors, meteorological street information stations, traffic light controllers, phones etc.). Special equipment and specialized personnel is required in order to manage, maintain, expand and repair any faults that may occur in the sensitive fiber optics systems.

The purpose of the training program was for the trainee engineers to understand the basic principles and concepts they have to manage on the fiber optic network function, to know the way a fiber system communicates, to be able to process in a right and safe way the different types of optic cable that grows inside the motorway, to be able to measure the losses of an optical cable and finally to terminate and “weld” the optical cables when is required and necessary (patch panel, splice tray, enclosure, etc.).

After the training ended the fellow engineers participated successfully and with high scores in the CFOT-Certified Fiber Optic Technician examination and received the relevant certification from the F.O.A. (Fiber Optic Association).

The adaptability and flexibility of an organization are essential elements for its survival and depend not only on the available technological means but also on the ability of its executives. Besides, an organisation’s capable and specialized technical staff counts always as an advantage over the many and complex technical issues that arise on a daily basis.

At the end of the training AEGEAN MOTORWAY S.A noted the following:

1) To what point did the seminar meet the goals / expectations that were set with you in the beginning?

The seminar fully met our expectations regarding the activity of our staff in matters of network maintenance and troubleshooting.

2) How useful was the training program regarding the object of your work?

Given the extensive proprietary optical network and its complexity, this training was considered necessary and absolutely useful for all activities related to optical networks.

3) How much satisfied were you by the vibe and the atmosphere during the training program?

In general, all the trainees were fully satisfied on the training object and the flexibility of the program also on the transmissibility rate of the trainers.