Vassilis Moustakis

FOA Certified Instructor, Fusion Splicer T&M Specialist

Mr. Vassilis Moustakis is a motivated, target oriented engineer with technical background in telecommunications as well in education. Always trying to extend its knowledge through training and certifications.

He was born in Athens, Greece, in 1976. He received B. Sc. Degree in Electronics, in 1997, IEK OMEGA, Greece.

He started his professional career as Electronics engineer in Transdata (2007-2009).

In the next two years  he worked as a support technician for networks and installations of commercial applications. Responsible for the installation & maintenance of Windows and Unix servers of the company’s customers (Business Logic Frontier Systems).

In 2000 and for seven years he worked as Head of technical department and customer support in Bits & Bytes . Design, implementation, management and quality service assurance of the telecommunications network of the company and its customers. Development of integrated solutions for Games-Internet Café

He had been working for 16 years in Netscope Solutions (2007-2023) as Fiber optic equipment and machinery support engineer, wired/wireless networks and telecommunications solutions. He provided consulting services to the company’s customers finding optimal solutions based on their needs. Maintenance, repair and optimization of instruments and systems provided to customers as well as training courses.

Excellent knowledge in splicers (Trainer level).

Excellent knowledge of OTDR -OLTS (Trainer level).

Additional Skills

  • Knowledge of FTTH Architecture
  • PON metering systems
  • DWDM, CD/PMD, OSA fiber testing
  • Fiber optic blowing systems
  • Active/Passive fiber equipment
  • Cable fault detection (Thumper)
  • Cable Fault Locator (TDR)
  • Cable detection systems (Tracer)
  • Fiber audio tracing and Identification
  • Fiber optic welding (Trainer level)
  • Copper UTP & Fiber certification
  • Fluke CCTT (trainer level)
  • Certified FLIR thermographer
  • Routing, VLAn, TCP/IP
  • Data Capturing, TAPs
  • Media converters
  • Traffic monitoring SNMP/Netflow
  • Layer7 monitoring & packet shaping
  • ADSL/VDSL/SHDSL (Trainer level)
  • Work quality control
  • Instrument & machine repairs
  • Mechanical constructions
  • Machining with CNC machines
  • Design with CAD (Inventor)
  • CAM programming (SolidCAM)
  • Weld metals (TiG)
  • Metalworking on a lathe

He is certified in many technological fields. He has CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) certifications by FOA, Fluke CCTT (Certified Cabling Test Technician) and many others.