Seminars' description

Participants are given the opportunity to attend classes through:
• Open educational programs for companies’ or private technicians at S.O.T’s cooperating facilities in Athens.
• Closed intragroup courses at the client’s facilities in Greece and Cyprus.
• E-learning programs.
• Educational programs that combine the benefits of classical teaching (the lecturer in the classroom), with the flexibility of e-learning. (blended learning)

The seminars are addressed to graduates or seniors of technological education who have already obtained the basic theoretical knowledge. Through the seminars they get the chance to comprehend the way the field’s companies are run and they are able to adjust to their demands. The participants are likely to be asked minimum working experience, depending on the type of seminar.

The seminars aim to transform the existing theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that each employee will respond and adapt easier to the companies and organisations he or she is going to work.

It is taken into account that adults already have different experiences, needs, perspectives, different interests and motives, and different theoretical knowledge.

Teaching is conducted in Greek, training material and certification exams are in Greek or English, depending on the certification institution.

S.O.T provides seminars for a wide range of telecommunication implementations and applications.
There are four main educational programs.

1. Copper school (about installation, measurements and copper theory for telephone and internet services)
2. Fiber school (about installation, measurements, and fiber optics theory for telephone and internet services)
3. Satellite school (about installation,measurements and satellite system theory for telephone, internet and TV services)
4. Radio school (about installation, measurements, microwave links theory for telephone and internet services)

Apart from the main educational programs occasionally S.O.T. conducts seminars about:

• Safety and first aids at the workplace of the client
• Self protection and working in high places
• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Educational courses of information technology communication

The seminars usually take 24 to 40 hours to complete. Full time seminars require three to four days, while flexible working time seminars take twice the time (evening hours for those who are working).

A necessary precondition is good English knowledge, intermediate level (B2) and basic computer skills. For certain educational programs, the candidates must have working experience.

Participants are given the official training material, slides and sample tests of the certification exams.

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