At a time when the field of telecommunications in Greece is gradually recovering, the companies are investing in new technologies, the demand of resourcing work places with skilled and experienced staff exists already.

Big telecommunication services providers in Greece in order to be able to provide their services (telephone, internet, video) to their customers immediately and reliably are in search of cooperation with technological companies of the private section.

Thus, the providers are setting their own standards for the quality of their services, they created evaluation mechanisms for the certification of their partners according to the technological support that they are offering.

School Of Telecoms was created in 2012 as an educational organisation of technological qualification.Up to this day, after having run for six years 2,500 hours of seminars have been carried out, and the majority of the participants are now working in the technological field.

S.O.T. is providing services of education and development of human resources on matters of technological skills as well as consulting in the wider sector of telecommunications.

The reliability of S.O.T. relies on the qualified teaching staff, the quality of the education given, as well as the high level of the trainees when they complete their courses.

Copper School

Installation, measurements and xDSL Technologies for telephone and internet services

Fiber School

Installation, measurements, and fiber optics theory for telephone and internet services

Satellite School

Installation, measurements and satellite system theory for telephone, internet and TV services

Radio School

Installation, measurements, microwave links theory for telephone and internet services

Safety School

The provision of first aid in the workplace

Computer School

Computer training programs

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