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SCHOOL OF TELECOMS  is providing services of education and development of human resources focusing on technological skills and consultation in the wider sector of telecommunications

Copper School

Installation, measurements and xDSL Technologies for telephone and internet services

Fiber School

Installation, measurements, and fiber optics theory for telephone and internet services

Satellite School

Installation, measurements and satellite system theory for telephone, internet and TV services

Radio School

Installation, measurements, microwave links theory for telephone and internet services

Safety School

The provision of first aid in the workplace

Computer School

Computer training programs


SCHOOL OF TELECOMS is an educational organization offering technological qualification in Greece since 2012. Up to date we have carried out 2,500 hours of seminar and trained more than 200 professionals in the field of technology

Worlds of innovation

Join us to discover emerging technology applications using the most advanced methods

Time is money

Aiming to prepare candidates for certification exams, S.O.T. created fast track preparation seminars, which provide essential and practical knowledge in a short period of time. Our seminars are based on practical experience and active methods of teaching. The participants have the opportunity to develop the new information in the S.O.T.’s laboratory and work together in small groups. Due to our interacting teaching methods the candidates develop essential skills which they can apply in an actual work environment

Location is everything

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